The foundations for Chhokar & Co Global were laid in 1994. Today it is a respected specialist Group headquartered in the United Kingdom and providing a range of Legal, Tax, Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Solutions to individuals and businesses all over the world.

Our continuing motivation remains developing and maintaining long lasting professional relationships by providing superlative client care based upon the utmost commitment to our client’s interests and exceptional attention to detail – and delivered through tireless and dedicated efforts.

Our multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual team of tax experts and accountants will understand your circumstances, advise on various options available and implement agreed strategies – at all times designed to maximize protection and security and minimize impact of taxes.

  • Every company must keep adequate accounting records
  • Accounts must be prepared in accordance with IAS
  • 1st Accounting Reference Period is a period of more than six months but not more than eighteen months (from the date of incorporation to the Accounting Reference Date)
  • A company’s Directors to prepare directors report
  • Only public companies to lay accounts before a general meeting
  • Private companies to circulate a copy of accounts & reports to members when filing to Registrar
  • Company’s directors must deliver to the Registrar accounts & reports required each financial year (except RSCs and Foundations, branches of foreign companies, dormant subsidiaries)
  • Accounts to be filed:
    1. Small companies: balance sheet
    2. Medium / general companies: audited accounts and directors report
  • Companies qualify as small if
  • Turnover not more than USD 13.5M and
  • No. of employees not more than 35

The restricted scope companies will not be subject to filing the annual accounts to the registrar unless the registrar has given notice to deliver all required accounts. Duty to file accounts and reports with the Registrar:


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